Twitter, Huh?

WordPress – the host of my blog – is proudly announcing that I can add Twitter to my blog. My first reaction was oh, how interesting. Everybody is tweeting these days. Then I started to think about it and what would I say? Should I ‘tweet’ that at this very moment I am writing the first paragraph of my post about Twitter? I can’t imagine for the life of me why anyone would want to know this. Okay – maybe, just maybe, someone might want to know at which instant I am practicing Strauss 1. I could put my horn down and tweet that I just missed the high Bb.

I can’t believe that these news people who say they are on Twitter – so please tweet them right now – actually spend their days tweeting. (Notice that people tweet now, not just birds…of course there are those birdbrains…) Hopefully they have more important things to do. While you are at work, say at a rehearsal, would you tweet? I hope not. As an aside, at my band rehearsals there are a few folks who keep their bluetooth headset in their ears and answer their phone. Geesh.

Twitter is all the rage these days so I must be missing something. Yesterday on “The View” the ladies said (all of them) that they take their Blackberries into the bathroom so they don’t miss a tweet. I guess that’s not quite as bad as when you are on the phone with someone and you hear the toilet flush.

I did a search for French Horn Music and found a hornist that tweeted that she burned her lunch. Now that’s something I really need to know. However she also tweeted that she needed a violinist to do the Brahms Horn Trio. This makes sense to me. A great idea. Burned lunch, not so much. Maybe I’m just too old to get it.

So what do you think? Do you tweet? Should I add twitter to my blog? I’m going car shopping this afternoon (yes, I’m stimulating the economy). Do you want to know what I think? Maybe I’ll tweet at a traffic light during the test drive. You can find me on Twitter as newhornist. No guarantees that you’ll see too many tweets.

How much is too much? –>

4 thoughts on “Twitter, Huh?

  1. LOL! No, I don’t think you need to add twitter to your blog. I like to read the long posts, a lot longer than the 140 characters allowed on twitter. The fact that people take their blackberries to the bathroom is actually really sad. Get a life people!!

    I don’t twitter. In fact, I barely have a cell phone. But I do think it would be cool for, say, a horn player to be able to tweet their thoughts during a 50 measure rest to concertgoers. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) my orchestra has a policy forbidding electronics onstage, except for tuners. Oh well.


    • That’s an interesting idea about tweeting concertgoers. 50 measures – 140 characters – seems about right. Though it’s pretty obvious about the electronics policy. It amazes me where some people think it’s ok to use them. Discretion is apparently not part of their vocabulary. Maybe some modern composer can add cell phone rings to his piece. That’ll throw the electronics policy into chaos.


  2. Twitter is more about sharing and exchanging info with others than about posting your own thoughts! The first few days on twitter you wonder what the heck you’re doing there. Then you find this wonderful 24/7 cocktail party in the clouds where you can dip in and out of conversations with others who share your interests, and you never get stuck with bores. Start following some people (I think you found the search option already like – presumably you found me that way?) and see what folks are sharing and talking about. Get involved, send interesting links (not to your own blog though – just list that url in your profile) and I bet over time you’ll get more followers and people to share ideas with. I love the idea behind your blog that is written for returning horn players. I’ve discovered so many of us. And we all struggle with similar issues and yet are much happier playing the horn at 50 than we were at 15.


    • Thank you for the insight! It is really helpful. Yes, I found you using the search option though I had to wade through tons of them to actually find someone who plays the horn. I’m not that good at coming up with search terms that actually get the results I’m looking for.

      I’m glad you like the idea of my blog. I hope that over time it will generate some really useful ideas for us returning hornists.



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