Missing Blog Entries – Updated 05/02/09

Note: A list of all my posts in located on top right side of of the page. I will not be updating this page.

The first entries that I wrote for my blog have disappeared from the list on the right. They are:

The Beginning

Time for a Teacher

Progress? Fall 2008

Buying a Horn

The New Horn

The New Horn Part 2

My Mouthpiece Saga

Joining a Band

The Meltdown

A complete list of my posts are at: All My Posts.

2 thoughts on “Missing Blog Entries – Updated 05/02/09

    • Yes, I have researched this since this post and you are correct. Because I want new readers to start from the first post to the last this presents a problem. However I have added a page at the top left of the blog where I will maintain all the posts in the correct order.
      Thanks for your comment!


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