I don’t have any.

I thought I recovered from the three hours of playing every day at horn camp at the beginning of last week. I got home a week ago Saturday and went straight to a band concert. Chops were good. I put in two hours of practice Sunday – chops were still good. But….band rehearsal last Monday night – ugh – no chops. I backed off practicing to about 40 minutes a day but Tuesday – Sunday – still no chops. Last night’s band concert – marginal chops.

The symptoms – very fuzzy, almost screechy tone and no high range. Low range is fine. I commented on my lack of chops on my Facebook page and Tom Greer wrote back “don’t go to horn camp.” Probably good advice but I had way too much fun and will go back again. I have a band rehearsal tonight so I will see if there is some improvement. I’ve opted not to practice today and just spend some extra time warming up before the rehearsal.

I think I’ll cook chops for dinner tonight. Maybe that will help.

Chops etcetera –>

2 thoughts on “Chops

  1. Hi, I have been following your “horn camp” story, and if I may I would like to offer a explanation. Everyday (almost) you did a different warm-up, played unfamiliar material, and basically took yourself out of your comfort zone. Now you have gone back to your old routine (I presume). What warm-up have you been using? Is it the same as before the camp? The intensity of the camp will inevitably lead to a down time. Don’t despair, but stay to a routine, don’t change everything at once.


    • Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your comments! I have gone back to my old routine, especially my warm-up. I agree that I was definitely out of my comfort zone at BTI. As well, my usual routine is broken up in the summer with weekly band concerts in addition to rehearsals.

      Fortunately I am dealing with this chops issue much better than I would have a few months ago. I’ve learned that things go bad and then get better so I don’t panic anymore.



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