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I’ve been more silent than usual this week. For reasons mostly involving my adult children, I am switching from a MacBook to a MacBook Pro. (Thank you Apple for obsoleting my new MacBook four months after I bought it. Thank you Holly for needing a laptop.) I have been painfully backing up my MacBook at the expense of writing my blog and doing my usual two hours of practicing. (Aside to Julia Rose – this is not nearly as much fun as a new puppy.)

Some of you computer types may be wondering why I didn’t just back up my MacBook and restore it on my MacBook Pro. Well…I’m one of those try everything people and the MacBook has gotten quite slow. iCal, for example, takes close to a minute to open up. I decided that it was a much better idea not to put all the old junk on the new MacBook Pro.

Add to that the fact that Holly will be taking the MacBook away before the new one arrives. This necessitates my use of my old PC laptop that has, despite two trips to HP for repair, a bad video module resulting in the blue screen of death appearing every fifteen minutes or so. Ugh. Transferring files is a pain in the butt.

Coming up shortly – a post mostly written by David Amram. (Thank you David.) At least there will be something to read, music related but only marginally horn related, until my computer hassle is over with.

David Amram –>

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